Corrosion Engineering

GBHES staff have over 9 years of experience with the design, installation and project management of corrosion protection works.

We design, install, commission and maintain cathodic protection systems for steel assets. We conduct surveys to support the smooth operation of these cathodic protection systems, like coating defect surveys, corrosion potential surveys, electrolysis area tests and continuity fault surveys.

End-to-end protection

To maximise the life of your asset, GBHES delivers corrosion protection strategies that begin at design and installation phase and continue for the life of the asset. Implementing a strategy at the outset can effectively reduce the chances of asset corrosion damage to zero.

Ongoing protection services

From defect identification to protection services, GBHES provides a range of ad-hoc options for owners wanting to extend asset life. GBHES employs quality equipment, highly trained professionals and a wealth of experience in protecting water and gas pipelines and tank assets across the country.

Cathodic Protection
End-to-end corrosion protection strategy

Cathodic Protection is a cost efficient and proactive approach to asset life extension. A properly implemented strategy can save both money and resources for your utility and the community. GBHES delivers end-to-end Cathodic Protection solutions for gas and water pipelines, water tanks, and electrical tower footings. Before installing any system it is essential to conduct a ‘potential survey’, which gives a picture of the severity and nature of corrosion issues the structure may be facing. Armed with this information, a system can be designed to best cater to the needs of the pipeline.

Technical Skills & Equipment

Design > Install > Commission > Monitor

GBHES has experience in a wide range of
corrosion fields including:
• Design, installation and commissioning
of Cathodic Protection system
• Stray current mitigation
• Electrical surge protection
• Pipeline potential surveys
• Tank potential surveys
• Coating defect survey installation
• Cathodic Protection maintenance works
• Testing of earthing beds
• Fault finding
With over 9 years experience
implementing corrosion protection
systems, our team has worked on
projects with varying factors including:
• Types of coatings
• Presence of stray currents
• Soil resistivity
• Proximity to nearby metallic
• Availability of power supply and
the economics of implementing
the system