GBH Engineering Services

Engineering, Fabrication, Maintenance and Project Management
for Infrastructure, Industrial and Residential Projects.

Pump and Equipment Installation

GBH has over 19 years’ experience in the installation, professional maintenance and emergency repair of pumping systems from all leading pump manufacturers

With a comprehensive range of Services available for pumping systems from any sector, we provide an extensive range of services, from water treatment plants to the petrochemical and mining industry.

Metal Fabrication

At GBH Services, we provide a broad range of metal fabrication services. We can fabricate carbon steel and stainless steel.

We understand that no one firm or contractor is alike, so our products are made for your project, based on your needs and concerns. It is our goal to not only meet, but to exceed our customers’ project requirements. Our work comes uncoated galvanized or painted to your design requirements.

Electrofusion Welding

The WhiteLine welders cover all areas of application in electrofusion welding of PE, PP, and HDPE pipes with heater coil fittings. There is no challenge for which you will not find a welder of the series able to take it on successfully.

Whether it is jointing in the safety-sensitive area of gas networks, including accurate recording of geographic data, jointing components with very small diameters (e. g., geothermal or sanitary fitting applications) or very large diameters (e. g., wastewater applications)—the welders will always make a statement by their unyielding reliability that builds on more than 15 years of developing and manufacturing experience.

Construction Equipment Welding & Repair Service

From heavy grade excavators to commercial mining equipment, we service & repair the machines you rely on to accomplish the job on time and on budget.

Your vehicles haul equipment, products and waste to and from the job site. We partner with you to maximize vehicle performance and uptime.